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  • During Toad and Bullet Bill's Equilibrium style two gun fight, both combatants get mixed up and end up pointing their gun free hand at the other, while making finger guns, then double take at their own actions before getting back to the fight.
  • Donkey Kong acting like he's in a wrestling match during his Curb-Stomp Battle against Peach, even posing to an invisible monkey audience before finishing her off with an elbow drop...which, in true wrestling style, he missed due to taking too much time to show off.
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  • During Peach's Training Montage in part 4, Donkey Kong shows her a gun disarm, then eats the banana that was being used to represent a gun.
  • When the members of the Smash Club agree to join Peach's quest, Red asserts that she will have his balls.
  • Waluigi has less than seven full lines in the entire series, and they're all in his introduction. He makes up for this by spouting variants on "WAAAAAH!!!" every fifteen seconds afterwards.

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