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  • Cara acquiring transportation.
    Cara: I asked our "friends" if we could borrow their horses.
    (camera cuts to a field full of dead bodies)
    Cara: They didn't object.
  • An even better one occurred in "Fury." Cara hunts several rabbits for a group they're protecting, but being strict vegetarian pacifists, they don't eat anything that's been killed.
    Cara: Actually, I found them by the side of the road, where they died a peaceful, natural death.
  • Also, "Princess" stands out as the funniest episode yet. From Cara trying to act like a prim and proper Princess (and failing) to Zedd acting the part of a prim and proper dowager duchess (and succeeding).
    Cara: (after the Margrave's herald hits on Zedd) It seems you have an admirer.
    Zedd: (indignantly) Is there any reason why I shouldn't?
    • Particularly hilarious is when Zedd demonstrates the rhyming speech women in the court must use, and Cara comes up with an interesting theme for her own.
  • And Richard realizing the Margrave's sister he has to seduce isn't the beautiful woman beside him, but the... larger woman next to her.
    Richard: ...Spirits be with me.
    • Later on, the Margrave's sister manages to stick to the rhyme scheme while talking to the Margrave — while sobbing uncontrollably. It's fairly impressive.
  • And when Zedd was trying to teach Cara to dance. One fan site compared what she ended up doing to krumping, and wasn't far off.
  • In "Extinction", Richard and Kahlan are saying good-bye:
    Cara: Can we speed this up? She loves you, you love her. I should protect her as if she were you. Did I miss anything? We could be halfway there by the time you finish your good-byes.
  • "Mirror" is pretty much one whole episode of this; apparently Craig Horner and Bridget Regan asked for an episode where they got to be funny.
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  • Perdition:
    Leo: For you. [Beat] It matchs your leather.
  • An officer finds a beggar who looks much like Rahl and brings him to the throne room, saying this guy could be a good Body Double. Rahl nearly has both of them executed on the spot, snapping that the beggar looks nothing like him at all...when they're both being played by the same actor.
  • Puppeteer is loaded with them, but special props have to be given to Zedd’s audition before the princess.


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