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  • Chase gets one in the pilot. Tied up, and being led away by his own men (who are on horseback), he tells them that two to one isn't very good odds...for them. He yanks them off their horses, and beats the piss out of them, while his hands are still tied.
  • Michael has one in his last appearance, standing up to and then besting the viceroy in charge of Hartland in a sword fight, showing this version's got much more integrity than the Michael of the books.
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  • Zedd completely fooling Darken Rahl while posing as a puppeteer.
  • Richard showing he can fight smart by tossing the Book Of Counted Shadows into the fire, ensuring that whatever happens, Rahl won't get the book. He then proceeds to cut down the entire expeditionary force sent through the Boundary, with Kahlan's help of course.
  • Kahlan going into the Blood Rage, nearly killing Darken Rahl in the process. The look of panic and fear on Giller's face is priceless.
    • Earlier in that same episode, Rahl gets one, showing Richard that he's not going to beat the villain with something so simple as a sword.
    • And Rahl has a Moment of Awesome within Kahlan's Moment of Awesome when she tells his people to attack him and he defeats them at four-to-one odds, two of them being Mord Sith!
  • The episode, "Bound" is a nonstop feast of Moments of Awesome, particular:
    • Nicci taking on three Sisters of the Dark, all of whom have massively buffed up their powers, and completely owning them, absorbing their Han to make her (already massive) powers even stronger.
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    • When Kahlan is disabled by the effects of the Maternity Spell and about to be run through by a D'Haran, Frederick proving he isn't just a conceited opportunist by getting into the fight and stabbing the soldier dead.
    • After Nicci's had her aforementioned Moment of Awesome and absorbed the power of +40 sorceresses plus the wizards' Han they took all into herself, as well as Richard's own War Wizard powers, Richard draws the Sword of Truth and declares that if she tries to force him to lead her to the Stone of Tears, he'll resist to his last breath.
    • And of course, the final scene, where Nicci tells Darken Rahl and the Keeper where to stick it, declares herself her own master, and then casually blows Rahl's wraith away.
    Nicci: "Tell your master I no longer serve him. (...) My loyalties aren't with the Seeker, nor are they with the Creator, or the Keeper. My strength is mine and mine alone, and from now on . . . I serve only myself.
  • The end of the episode "Walter", overlapping maybe with Heartwarming Moment, when Walter rides away with the carriage full of treasure that Darken Rahl was trying to get, and goes on to have his happy ending and start a new life, now in a new body and free of the stigma of looking like Darken Rahl, with his new love interest Mika and D'Haran officer friend Malray. What's amazing is that these characters were only just introduced in that episode, and their triumphant finale is still incredibly awesome and satisfying.
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  • In the Season 2 finale, Nicci returned . . . wearing A BLACK DRESS! She then proceeded to slaughter two Mord'Sith as she confronted Darken Rahl while he was bathing. Rahl then refuses to tell her where Richard took the Stone of Tears, and tries to seduce her. That's right, he tries to solicit sex from Nicci. Nicci instead superheats the water, nearly boiling him alive, and forces him to tell her where the Stone of Tears is. Considering how little Nicci looked or acted like her book incarnation when she was first introduced in "Dark", it was a huge moment of awesome to see her finally looking and acting somewhat like herself.
  • It's a shame that the series is ending, but the finale itself. Richard and Kahlan can be together. All the pain and loss they've gone through finally pays off. The Keeper is sealed in the underworld. True love conquers all. The good guys win. Like the above says about "Walter", these characters getting the triumph they deserve is just so satisfying.


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