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    Episode 1 
  • Five minutes in.
    [Shiro is staring at part of a machine with a large amount of Hige-Hige Mooks behind him.]

    Episode 2 
  • Shiro: "I found where you live. I kinda blew it up, so I made a new one to apologize. But I still felt bad, so I made you soup. You're welcome."


    Episode 3 
  • The death of Bat Bomber.
    Birdy: Hang on, I got this. Hey, Bat Bomber.
    Bat Bomber: Wha-*explodes*
    Shout: Woah, what happened?
    Birdy: His mind was blown.
    Birdy: That, and the RPG.

    Episode 4 
  • Near the end:
    Shiro: You know, this isn't the worst mission we've had. At least you're not a cannibal.
    Mole Boss: Nope, two weeks sober.
    Shiro: I'm gonna pretend you said something else.
    Mole Boss: I don't pay you to pretend.

    Episode 5 
  • Shiro flashbacks at the wrong time:
    Shiro: Mighty, no... No! My face is on fire!
    Shout (behind a door): This may be a bad time, but I want my CD back.

  • MAX introduces himself:
    MAX: I am MAX, the new member of the Hige-Hige Bandits. Everyone likes me because I'm better than them. That was arrogant, I apologize.
    Shiro: MAX, I like you. Please give back the badge.
    MAX: You're very polite. And clearly disturbed.

    Episode 6 
  • Shiro still hates his job:
    Shiro: "So we've been on Sibulbasaurnote  for ten minutes and already we've second-based a bear. Surprisingly, not the worst day of my life."

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