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While the more humorous moments are few and far in this manga, they're still worth a laugh.

  • Oh...That page where Marie feeds Jean-Louis tart. It is quite funny.

     Innocent Rouge 
  • The dress that Antoinette wears in chapter 16 is outlandish and ridiculous that it must be seen to be believed.
  • Chapter 17, appropriately titled, "Dancing La Mort" is all about Marie dancing with a large doll to insult Marie Antoinette. After jumping upwards, Marie quickly spins the doll around until she throws it up into the air, which is then caught by Andre. After commanding her "husband" to come to her side, Marie smugly poses, complete with flowers and sparkles. Marie then changes the game by hiking up her dress to show her legs, much to the audience and Andre's embarrassment, to perform "the grape crush dance". Once the dance is done, the only one who is genuinely pleased with the "dance" is Louis XVI himself.
    • After the queen faints beside a noble who she's been talking to, Louis thinks that that man is the one that she's seeing every night. When Antoinette's about the thank the man, she blanks and asks for his name. In the background are little carriages. After Louis' surprise that the noble isn't his queen's lover, it's followed by Marie, of all people, laughing haughtily.
    • As Marie "thanks" the king and queen for the ball, Andre's shown holding the doll while he's blushing and closing his eyes in shame.
  • Chapter 25: When all of the fancy and exotic gifts that Cardinal Rohan had sent to Marie Antoinette are returned to him, he collapses to his knees, and the panel is drawn as if a spotlight is shining on him. Oh, and the two Chinese dogs that he gifted are also scampering around him. In the same chapter, after listening to Jeanne that "Marie Antoientte" loves him, the cardinal is so overjoyed that his eyes turn into swirls!
  • In the following chapter, while Charles' is talking things over with a drunk Subyss regarding the attempt to find work for him after the occupation of torturer is abolished, Subyss decides to treat Charles' to a drink. After the bartender refuses to do so until Subyss paid for last month's tab, Subyss threatens the bartender, twists his ankle.....and makes this pose right as he falls over.
  • During the second part of the Burial of Louis Capet (ch. 65), right after the carriage hits a bump in the road and opens up the casket, Zero catches the head of Louis, and tells him that he's still a popular guy even after his death.

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