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     Fridge Horror 
  • The fact that Charles-Henri is so sick of bullying that he thinks his abusive home is better. You can make two things out of it: either Charles is so venal that he is ready to endure abuse if that means having certain luxuries (which given the attitudes of many Real Life dynastic executioners is not to exclude) although it does make one raise eyebrows at what kind of moral education he might have got. Or simply the bullying was that horrific that he would rather be with his abusive grand-mother and father.
  • Given how severely wounded Marie was, to the point of barely being able to walk, perhaps the reason that she passed away in 1799, and not in 1813, was not just because her illness, but also because the infections her wounds brought.
  • Let's hope that Zero brought a change of spare clothes, and some money, for their journey
     Fridge Tearjerker 
  • Andre's fate isn't mentioned in Rouge at all. Despite his looks, it's possible that he died from old age some time before, or after, Marie's death.
     Fridge Brilliance 
  • Jean-Baptiste's character design. At first, his face is quite full and masculine, with only partially veined and sunken eyes. His face has several corpse-like features: a lack of eyebrows, a pale complexion and slightly sunken eyes. As he ages, his cheeks hollow out, furthering the "appeal" even further. Heck, on some pages his face can remind of one of those unfortunate victims of the Franklin expedition. When he is tense, one can look that his mouth is open in a way that shows the teeth, which does remind of "rigor mortis".
It is brilliant, as it offers a visual representation of him "rotting away", as his mental states deteriorates, or in another word, decay. It also re-enforces the disgusting aspect of some of his action. For exemple, in that scene of love-sweet love with Jeanne, we have two good looking, consenting adults having wild sex. Should be titallating, right? Not so much as he is trying to enpragnate his with another child, in hopes he (the child) will replace his eldest son as heir. The disgusting part is also re-enforced visually by Jean-Baptiste's corpse-like facial features. (I mean, the two day old, well-preserved body of a handsome man isn't that hideous to look out, but said body f-cking someone doggy style...Unless you have some weird fetish, it is pretty much Squick.)

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