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Funny / Inheritance Of Cards And Demons

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  • Chapter 1 has Kero tricking Rin into becoming the Cardcaptor, then Rin figuring out he has been tricked.
  • Chapter 3: Yukio's reaction to Rin developing a crush on Tsukishiro-sensei.
    Yukio: brother has just discovered girls, hasn't he?
  • Chapter 20 has the twins participating in their school sports festival. In one event, their class mistakes Rin cheering for them as meaning he will beat them up if they lose, in the scavenger hunt Yukio wins when the item he picks is glasses, and Rin single handedly wins at tug-o-war without even meaning to.
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  • Rin and Kero running away from the construction equipment going haywire due to Repair is described in a humerous way in spite of the danger.
  • When The Cook first appears it starts cooking for the school cafeteria. When Rin and Kero arrive to capture it they are offered food and no resistance at all and Kero immediately forgets everything to start eating. He doesn't even notice the exorcists arriving.
  • Also during the Cook capture one exorcist throws a holy water grenade and hits Rin in the head with it. It does no real damage, but it angers Cook enough to start chasing the exorcists around the kitchen with various kitchen utensils.
  • The reactions most people have towards Rin as Snow White were funny.
  • Several of the mistakes made during the performance of the school play added humor both in and outside of the story.
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  • Kero gets drunk. From alcoholic chocolates. That he stole.
  • Ch 2 of Io D, Cook gets into a Cooking Duel with Ukobach. Rin comes back to a wrecked kitchen filled with more food than he can easily explain to Yukio and starts trying to resolve the situation. Ukobach then says something to Rin, who responds by joining the battle and making it a three way duel.
  • Shima freaking out over having magic talent in ch. 4.

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