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Awesome / Inheritance Of Cards And Demons

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  • Chapter 5. Yukio losing his temper and calling out his judgmental classmates, defending his brother. he calls them out on calling Rin a monster.
  • Rin flies up and attacks a tornado to capture the Storm.
  • Rin pins down Thunder with Shadow and then stabs it with Sword.
  • During the capture of Dash, Rin displays how much he has matured by ignoring a potential fight and winning over Dash peacefully on his own initiative.
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  • Rin manages to track down the Fight and go toe to toe with her.
  • Rin is officially equal to the Power card in sheer strength.
  • Chapter 18 of IOM has Rin showing off his wonderful acting skills.
  • In the side story Snowfall, Rin confronts the yuki onna responsible for the blizzard blanketing the city and manages to resolve things peacefully.
  • Chapter 1 of IOD has Rin able to use Heal effectively enough to save Shiro from Satan.
  • Ch. 4 of Io D, Rin finally gets to show off some of his mage talents by helping Sekki teach her class. It is very satisfying to see him succeed publicly for once.

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