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Heartwarming / Inheritance Of Cards And Demons

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  • Chapter 4 has Rin’s discussion and promises with Memory, saying he would take care of him and would not leave the Cards alone.
  • Rin spending time with sick children in a hospital is heartwarming as well as sad.
  • In the Time card episode, Rin meets an extremely rude and pushy customer during his job who yells at for getting his order wrong. During the timeloop, Rin realizes how stressed the man and gives the man a freebie. The man is touched, admitting that he had a very bad day at work and finally gets to enjoy his parfait. He comes back to restaurant as a regular and calls Rin his favorite waiter.
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  • Rin getting to meet his mother thanks to Return.
  • Shiro attempting to make up for neglecting Rin during a busy period by having family gaming time.
  • There are many heartwarming moments during and after the Judgement, but one standout is Rin getting to meet Sakura and Syaoran in person and them giving him encouragment.
  • After Rin passes Judgement, he and Sekki talk about what just happened and simply enjoy a brief moment of laughter together.
  • Rin going back to the hospital where Natsuko used to be in order to give handmade stuffed animals to the children there is incredibly sweet.
  • Rin finally makes a real friend he does not shy away from with Ying Hua.
  • A small one from Io M. During one of Rin's periods of magical exaustion Shiro is sitting with him when a call for work comes. Rin tells Shiro to go but before he does he says that Rin is important too. It was just nice to see Rin receiving some attention in person.
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  • In ch 17 of Io M, Mizuki defends Rin's character and starts changing their classmates opinions about Rin being so bad.
  • At the end of the side story Bust, Rin and Ying Hua have made up and are going to spend the next week having fun in spite of an earlier crushing dissapointment.
  • Rin and Kero get snowed in at Ying Hua's home and spend Christmas and Rin's birthday with her, Ruby, and Spinel. It was truly heartwarming to see Rin relax in the presence of friends he does not have to keep secrets from.
  • Sekki supporting Rin after his awakening, and going to teach magic at the cram school in order to stay near him.
  • Even after how mad he was earlier Rin still loves his dad and says so.
  • The way the cards and guardians, especially Yue, get so defensive of Rin in response to the abuses of the exorcists is heartwarming for many readers.
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  • The way Rin's allies comfort him and help him prepare for his special exorcist exam in Io D.

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