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Funny / I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

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  • Chuck and Larry sleeping together for the first time. He pretends to be the ghost of Larry's wife who's angry at him for sleeping on her spot even though he left that vacant in her memory. Larry was getting pissed.
    Larry: I swear to God, Chuck—
    Chuck: That wasn't me! If it was me, I'd stop! It scared me too, man.
  • Larry is afraid his maid might be into voodoo.
  • Larry looking through the mail and seeing that most of Chuck’s mail is a bunch of x-rated movies, magazines, boxes of Trojan condoms and even a sex doll! To make it better, Larry’s daughter sees the doll and asks him if it’s for her and he embarrassingly and physically struggles with an excuse to tell her that it’s something else.
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  • Every single line out of Dan Aykroyd's mouth. Special mentions go to:
    "I'd rather change my grandfather's diaper than see two straight men kiss!
    "And as for you, Chuck...if my pencil sharpener had a skirt, I'd have to hide it from you!"
    "I have a very simple philosophy, gentlemen: what you shove up your ass is your own business!"
    "In prison, you won't have to pretend to be gay, because your asses'll be busier than a test bench at a plunger factory!"
  • As Chuck and Larry are rescuing the morbidly obese man from his burning apartment, he falls on Chuck, presumably crushing him. But Chuck gives a weak thumbs up... until the guy farts on him and he slowly changes it to a thumbs down.
  • In the slow-mo introduction of Jessica Biel's character, we pan over to Chuck and hear his heartbeat quickening, then over to Larry and hear... his stomach growling.