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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.
Sougo likes his food spicy.
  • In Idolish7 Vibrato, it’s rather funny seeing Ryuunosuke (marketed as a suave ladies’ man) lamenting the fact that he doesn’t know how to get women. He even turns to Gaku for advice!
  • Nagi’s obsession with Magical Kokona, a magical girl show, to the point he owns several figures and merch of her that he clearly thinks of as being very precious.
  • Nagi’s random Engrish.
    Nagi: No girl, no life.
  • Just how over the top and hammy Nagi gets at times.
    Nagi: OH MY GOD! Why isn’t it me?! Japanese ladies are too mysterious! NO!
    Yamato: Is it because they have muscles?
    Nagi: Okay, I’ll get abs. (Starts doing crunches on the couch)
  • Sougo’s infamous “peel the potato” scene.
    Sougo, pointing the knife at Tamaki: Pick up the potato. Pick up the peeler. Peel from top to bottom. Dig the eyes out with the tip.
    Tamaki: Are you threatening me?!
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  • So the group attempts to do a web series for marketing, and their first idea was to do a cooking episode. When the food gets to Sougo, he proceeds to douse it in hot sauce to Iori and Yamato's horror. (Pictured above)
  • The part where Douglas Rootbank, a famous American musician, appears at Idolish7's management is hilarious.
    • Iori and Tamaki confuse him for a crazy fan. When answering the door on his arrival, their response was to shut the door on him! Let's reiterate: Iori of all characters shut the door on him.
    • Riku returns, and...
      Riku: Why is Douglas Rootbank changing our air vent!?
    • Just the fact that Douglas Rootbank is obviously not voiced by a native English speaker. The thick Japanese accent trying to speak English comes off as humorous.
  • This otherwise heartwarming moment when MEZZO proves they really do like each other as friends:
    Sougo: I was worried something had happened to you. I was confused.
    Tamaki: Can’t you be confused less violently?
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  • Drunk Sougo becomes a needy mess that’s equal parts funny and adorable.

Chapter 2 (Season 2)

  • Iori suggests the group to be on their best behavior meeting Re:vale, due to how stage images can be wildly different to how the person is off-stage. At first, Iori is right; Re:vale has an imposing authority in person...only for Momo to absolutely shatter that image and is as cheerful as he is off-stage. The group is caught completely off-guard and dumbfounded, except for Yamato, who is not at all amused at his antics.
  • Re:vale offers IDOLiSH7 a chance to perform at Zero Arena's inaugural reopening, which is eagerly accepted. Yuki then jokingly tells Riku to turn around and bark like a dog if he wants to take the offer. Though he says it with such deadpan honesty, Riku obliges with no hesitation.
  • Tamaki ends up with a pack of King Pudding from Tenn, telling Iori he got it from "Tenn Tenn". Iori, though, thinks he's referring to a cat named that and not Riku's brother, pressing him what the cat's like, then brushes it off to instead express concern about Riku's allergies and totally not thinking about the cuteness.

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