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Being a franchise about idols, awesome music abounds.

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  • Monster Generation, the song that started it all, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of idol music. It combines idealistic lyrics and a groovy instrumental, interspersed with cheers from each of the main seven idols, and is sure to put you in a good mood.
  • Memories Melodies. IDOLiSH7's BĻACK OR WHiTE performance against TRIGGER, driving home how far they've come as a group and will continue to chase their dreams. This song is what earned them their victory over the rival group.
  • "GOOD NIGHT AWESOME" proved early on that the group can take on a far risker electro soundscape without missing a beat, putting Yusuke Shirai (Yamato) front and center.
  • "RESTART POiNTER", a fun dance rock track that is guaranteed to put you a good mood by the song's end.
  • "Perfection Gimmick" is a catchy electro track that pushes the group's sound without sacrificing their natural idealism.
  • "Sakura Message" is a stunning ballad from the group, which showcases their diverse vocal colors beautifully. Their first live Road to Infinity makes it even more gorgeous with Atsushi Abe (Sougo) playing a piano accompaniment while the others sit on the steps of the stage and sing their hearts out (especially Takuya Eguchi (Nagi)).
  • "WiSH VOYAGE", the opening to the first season anime, is an uplifting song that conveys the titular group's unity as they travel the road to stardom.
  • Mr.AFFECTiON is an absolute stunner, successfully pushing the group to a far Darker and Edgier sound that doesn't sound out of place in TRIGGER's or ZÓOL's discography. The music video makes it better by combining a catchy song with breathtaking visuals. This song is also their performance against ZÓOL for BĻACK OR WHiTE 2019.
  • "DiSCOVER THE FUTURE" is an idealistic track that takes the energy of "WiSH VOYAGE" and bumps it up several notches, with some absolutely stunning vocals from all seven of them.
  • "Ame" is a stunning debut track from MEZZO'', beautifully showcasing KENN's (Tamaki) and Atsushi Abe's (Sougo) vocals front and center against a dreamy instrumental.

  • From TRIGGER’s first single, "SECRET NIGHT" introduces itself with a thick groove and appropriately sexy vocals, both backing and main, serving as a great introduction to this rival idol group.
  • Daybreak Interlude. If the energetic pacing and electronic influences of this track don’t get you going, this song features the famous 10 second long sustained note from Tenn. A great show of vocal ability for TRIGGER’s center.
  • Leopard Eyes is TRIGGER's performance for BĻACK OR WHiTE against IDOLiSH7, combining a groovy beat with saucy Intercourse with You lyrics.

  • ZÓOL really weren't playing around when they debuted. "Poisonous Gangster" combines rock and hip hop with slick raps to create a bombastic track.
  • ZONE OF OVERLAP is a hardcore electro hip-hop that is a banger through and through with its catchy refrain and electrifying performance.
  • "Bang!Bang!Bang!", a slick hip-hop rock fusion track that blends melodic vocals and fast-paced rap wonderfully.


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