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Funny / Halloween: Resurrection

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  • Busta Rhymes's dialog is the only redeeming aspect of the movie. Obliviously swearing at and insulting Michael (even tapping him on the head), using kung fu moves learned from cheesy movies and dropping bombs like "TRICK OR TREAT, MOTHER FUCKER!" It's so ridiculous that it's hilarious.
    • Even funnier is Michael's reactions to some of his antics. During the scene where Freddie is foolishly talking smack to him while wearing a copy of his mask, instead of just killing him then and there, Michael decides to walk away and kill him later.
  • Jim is also great for his one-liners.
    Jim: You know Donna, you've got great legs. What time do they open?
    Donna gives him the finger.
    Jim: Would that be one o'clock?
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  • Also as Donna and Jim start making out in the cellar, he asks her to say something smart. She says "existence precedes essence" and they get even more passionate.
  • This little doozy from Jen at the start.
    Jen: Think about it. Millions of people are going to see my face—
    Death Glare from Sarah

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