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Trivia / Halloween: Resurrection

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  • Contractual Obligation Project: Jamie Lee Curtis was forced to star in the film. The promotional team also circulated a lie that Jamie was only meant to have a 30-second cameo but "liked the script so much" she had her role expanded.
  • Disowned Adaptation: While already subjected to Fanon Discontinuity Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter have this opinion regarding the film. With Jamie Lee Curtis, H20 was her idea of bringing the series to a close and in her eyes was the end of Laurie's saga at the time, and went on to say she sees the follow up as a joke. John Carpenter also stated a low opinion of this movie (although for the most part, Carptenter doesn't consider anything past the first movie as canon).
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  • Fan Nickname: Halloween: Colon Resurrectum, amongst detractors of the movie.
  • Franchise Killer: This film remains the final entry of the original Halloween continuity before it was rebooted five years later by Rob Zombie. More entries were planned, but this film's very poor critical and fan reception, along with producer Moustapha Akkad's sudden death, brought those plans to an end. The 2018 film, like Halloween H20 before it, wound up ignoring this and all other films in the series (including the second, which H20 still took as canon) in favor of continuing on from just the first film.
  • Killed by Request: Jamie Lee Curtis appeared in the film on the condition that Laurie Strode be killed off - so she wouldn't have to star in another Halloween movie.
  • Lying Creator: Promotion for the film claimed that Jamie Lee Curtis was originally just supposed to have a thirty second cameo but asked for her role to be expanded because she liked the script so much. She later denied these claims, saying she was forced by contract to appear in the film - and did so to ensure Laurie's death, meaning she wouldn't have to appear in another.
  • Missing Trailer Scene:
    • Nora outside screaming "get out of the house!" - which was likely shot just for promotional reasons, as in the film Nora never realises Michael is in the house.
    • Jen standing against a wall and Michael's arms burst through it, grabbing her.
    • Bill sees Michael's reflection in the mirror, turns around and sees nothing before being attacked.
    • Sarah combing her hair in the bathroom, as Michael rises out of the tub behind her.
  • Non-Singing Voice: A weird variation. Bianca Kajlich can't scream and someone else had to dub her screams in post production.
  • Star-Derailing Role: In addition to being a Franchise Killer for the Halloween series, the film killed the careers of most of the people involved.
    • Thomas Ian Nicholas was perhaps the hardest-hit. His hype from American Pie vanished overnight, and he was relegated to doing bit parts, indie films, and Direct-to-Video films.
    • Sean Patrick Thomas also lost pretty much all the attention he'd earned from Save the Last Dance, and has barely been seen in anything since.
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    • Bianca Kajlich's career was relegated to TV movies, short-lived TV shows, and bit parts for five years. She wouldn't score a major role again until she was cast on Rules of Engagement in 2007, and wouldn't appear in another theatrically-released film until 30 Minutes or Less in 2011.
    • In fact, it would probably be easier to list those actors whose careers didn't take a hit from this film. Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks weren't actors by trade to begin with (the former was a rapper, the latter a supermodel), so they went right back to what they'd been doing before, while Jamie Lee Curtis' role was only a bit part and Katee Sackhoff scored her Star-Making Role just one year later.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Between its "high-tech" premise and its pop culture references (particularly the Reality TV of the time), it's so early 2000s it hurts.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Nora's death was filmed and promotional pictures exist of Myers approaching her in the control room. It was ultimately cut from the film and Sarah just finds her body at the end.
    • Four different endings were filmed, with the intent of shipping the film to different theatres with multiple endings, like Clue. The endings are: Freddie saves Sarah from Michael and later Michael is revealed to be Not Quite Dead as the coroner examines him (canon); Miles pulls the Big Damn Heroes moment in the house instead of Freddie and introduces himself as Deckard; after Freddie has saved Sarah, he's talking to Michael's body but Michael reawakens and grabs his throat - only to be stabbed in the head with an axe from Sarah; a CSI agent looks for Michael's body after the fire - and is attacked by him from inside a manhole.
    • There were talks of acknowledging H2O's ending and continuing with a different story like the third film had. But fan polls said that people wanted Michael Myers to return again.
    • Danielle Harris who played Jamie Lloyd in the fourth and fifth films was considered for a role, but it's unknown if it would be as Jamie or a different character.


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