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Even though you may be small, the laughs this game can provide are far from it.

  • When discussing with BURG.L there is an Option to talk about you should get your burgers cooked.
    BURG.L: Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.
    BURG.L: Medium rare... Medium if you must. But if you request well done I will show you the truth behind my grilling function.
  • If you ask him about what "Raw Science" is:
    • This later turns out, against all odds, to be foreshadowing how to escape the yard. The sheer absurdity of this only becomes clear in hindsight.
  • When asking BURG.L about what to do now, he will usually give you tips and advice on how to progress further, such as upgrading your base or finding his lost upgrade chips. You then get an option to state the simple solution:
    You: Can I call my parents?
    BURG.L: Hahaha, no. There is no phone. But that is a good idea.
  • Apparently, Ominent has gotten in hot water with OSHA, which BURG.L mentions upon asking about his quests.
    BURG.L: Just do not mention anything to OSHA. The last thing I need is another investigation into underage labor practices.
  • For a dose of black comedy, one of the messages you can get when getting killed by a soldier ant is "(Player) was marched into the grave by a soldier ant."
    • Other, more generic You Died messages include references to "kicking the thimble" or being sent to "that great matchbox in the sky".
  • On the Give Feedback screen, after selecting your "current emotion", one of the reasons you can give is "This game is buggy. (Haha)." The next option is "This game is buggy. No. Really."
  • The credits rap. Yes, rap. Done by Marc Rebillet, no less.
  • Critical hits stagger most creatures, interrupting their attacks and playing a unique animation and sound from the creature. Some of them, such as the larva or spiders (even the black widow!) makes it look like your character just bitch slapped them into a state of stupor.