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The Teens

    In General 
  • Action Survivor: Rather necessary they become this, in order to survive being shrunken with initially no tools, shelter, or steady supply of food or clean water, in a backyard full of hostile and very dangerous creatures.
  • Incredible Shrinking Man: How they got involved in this whole mess isn't clear yet, though some of Wendell's logs vaguely refer to 'the kids', so they were probably intentionally shrunk.
  • Possession Implies Mastery: Can use things like bows and spears expertly as soon as they're crafted.


    Willow Branch 
The Rebel.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Firmly believes (at least at first) that the whole situation is a dream.
  • Never Heard That One Before: Yes, she's aware her name is a pun. No, it wasn't funny the first time, either.
  • Picky Eater: By her own admittance. Unfortunately, food choice is rather limited in her situation.
  • Punny Name: She's no fan of it.

The Geek.

    Ally Hoops 
The Athlete.
  • Informed Attribute: Though Ally is implied to be an athlete, she plays no differently than the others.
  • Punny Name: A play on the phrase "allie-oop", also the name of a shot in basketball.


The Bugs

    In General 

Workers and Soldiers.
  • Ant Assault: They are the most common enemies the player will encounter. They will demolish the player's encampments to eat any food the player has stored and swarm the player when they get hostile.
  • Berserk Button: Any ant that sees you attacking any other ant for any reason will turn hostile and attack, even the Workers. They also don't appreciate you taking their eggs.
    • Workers will attack Weevils on sight.
  • Bandit Mook: Workers will try to steal items from your chests if you store food in them. They also take food left on the floor and meat off of cooking spits.
  • Summon Bigger Fish: A wounded worker will, if it can, flee back to the colony and come back with some soldiers to deal with the problem.
  • Zerg Rush: One ant is fairly easy to take down. But there's almost never one ant.


    Bombardier Beetle 
  • Butt Cannon: True to life, their main attack is to spray boiling chemicals from their rear.


  • Early-Bird Cameo: Of a sort. You'll almost certainly find one tunneling around at the end of the cave you clear of Mites to fix the faulty laser at the start of the game, likely well before you've visited the tree and collected the acorn pieces for the spade you need to dig one up.

  • Berserk Button: Aphids. Ladybugs will cut down grass to kill an aphid.
  • Gentle Giant: They'll only attack you if you attack them first.
  • Mighty Glacier: Slow, but one of the few bugs capable of shoving grass aside as it walks.
  • Not So Harmless: Don't get between them and their aphid prey, and be very prepared before you attack one. They're even capable of slaughtering groups of ants should they accidentally provoke one chasing an aphid.
  • Tough Beetles: Ladybugs are some of the larger enemies and they have a lot of health and can use a powerful charge attack that can stun the player after the strike. However, they don't actively seek to attack the player and fight only in retaliation; otherwise, they are pretty peaceful.

The younger, more aggressive form of ladybugs, or possibly lacewing larvae.
  • Darkness Equals Death: They primarily spawn at night, and attack as soon as they see you.
  • Glass Cannon: They have quick, painful attacks, but not too much health.
  • Zerg Rush: Not to the same degree as the ants, but they almost always patrol in groups of at least 3.

  • The Goomba: They go down very easily, even in groups.
  • Metal Slime: The "infected" variant is tougher and hits harder, but otherwise acts the same as the normal mites.

Orb Weaver Spiders (Argiope Aurantia) and Wolf Spiders (likely Rabidosa Rabida), as well as young Spiderlings.
  • Artificial Brilliance: The Spiders have set territories they inhabit in the garden, and once you enter, they will begin moving towards you. Once they reach an area you've been, they'll start following along your trail, even pausing where you pause. This can lead to a Spider effectively stalking you with disturbing effect if you see it before it sees you, and if it does see you... run.
  • Artistic License – Biology: Orb Weavers in real life mostly stay on their webs and wait for prey, as opposed to the aggressive wandering hunters they are here.
  • Elite Mook: The games' first, and far only, 'boss' is the Broodmother, an exceptionally large and strong Wolf Spider living on top of the flying disc lodged in the hedge.
  • Giant Spider: To you, anyway.
  • Hell Is That Noise: That low hissing when they spot you will send chills down your spine every time you hear it.
  • Implacable Man: Downplayed. They'll eventually give up the chase if you get enough distance, and large enough obstacles will cause them to lose you, but normal foliage won't slow them down. Spider webs, which block off narrow passages in and out of their territories, can grab you, but will let spiders through unhindered.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Very fast, very tough, hit very hard. Wolf Spiders can poison you, and they can ''jump''.
  • Mama Bear: It's not a specifically programmed response, but if you find yourself smashing a bunch of Spiderlings, chances are you're deep in a Spider's territory, and it will be after you very soon.
  • One-Hit Kill: If you don't have armor, Wolf Spiders can do this to you on anything other than Creative or Easy Mode.
  • Underground Monkey: Smaller, weaker Orb Weavers inhabit the hedge maze.

  • Fartillery: They'll create a "stink zone" that damages you if you stand in it.
  • Mighty Glacier: To a lesser extent than the ladybugs, but they can still shove grass aside as they move.

    Water Flea 

  • Action Bomb: The "infected" variant will explode upon approaching the player or taking enough damage.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Or possibly, Chekhov's anatomical feature. Weevil snouts are used to make the gas mask, which protects players from stink bug fumes and the Haze... where weevils are one of the few creatures able to survive (sort of), presumably because of their snouts.
  • Not So Harmless: The aforementioned "infected" weevils in the Haze.



A robot which defends the Oak Tree Research Lab from intruders... including the player.

    Dr. Wendall Tully 
A scientist apparently involved in the shrinking project, although his motives and his connections to the teens' predicament are unknown.
  • The Ghost: Only heard through voice logs scattered around the backyard.
  • Parents as People: The absent-minded professor variety; one voice log relates his experiment on some toys that were supposed to be for his son's birthday.

    The Bird 
A Crow that occasionally visits the Yard, landing in several spots around the map and dropping rare feathers.
  • Gentle Giant: Despite its imposing appearance, it's harmless and shows no interest in the player, even when approached or shot at... for now.

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