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  • This exchange:
    Tobble: I wonder if I might...if I might inquire as to whether you have a plan?
    Byx: My plan is to avoid arrows!
  • Whenever Byx or Gambler discuss the taste of wobbyk meat in the presence of Tobble.
  • Gambler forgets about Byx being a Living Lie Detector.
    Gambler: We don't get along, felivets and raptidons. They steal our kills. And in retaliation we occasionally eat one of their kind.
    Byx: You forget. I'm a dairne.
    Gambler: Are you suggesting that I've told an untruth?
    Byx: The words "retaliation" and "occasionally" sort of leapt out at me.
    Gambler: I may have shaded the truth a bit. It's possible that I've eaten one or two raptidons, maybe three. (Beat) Or maybe closer to twenty or thirty.
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  • Meeting Lar Camissa. A natite starts listing her titles.
"Behold Lar Camissa, Queen of all Subdur Natitia, Protector of the Sacred Waters, Fire Maker; Lar Camissa, the Undefeated. Lar Camissa, the Mighty. Lar Camissa, Mother of Multitudes. Lar Camissa..."
The titles and praise continued for a long time, and it seemed a lot for a creature riding a slug around the shore of a subterranean lake.
  • Tobble talking about his "very own room".
    Tobble: I share it with my brothers Blaxton, Roopwart, and Piddlecombe. And McGuppers, Jellyhorn, and Bribbles. So it's not exactly only my room.

Alternative Title(s): Endling The Last