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Nightmare Fuel / Endling

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Spoilers are unmarked.

  • Byx finding her whole pack dead, killed by the humans.
They were piled on the ground like discarded hides, blood pouring, white and pearly, soaking the leaves, eyes glassy and open, mouths open. Torn and stabbed.
  • The Knight of the Fire. Just mentioning him caused a Mass "Oh, Crap!". He burns down entire villages in his wake.
  • In the second book, the group is attacked by giant worms. They wrap around Luca and crush his bones, killing him. Then the terramants capture Gambler, Khara, and Renzo. Byx and Tobble find their heads mounted on the side of a dirt tunnel. It turns out they were buried with only their heads sticking out, but still.

Alternative Title(s): Endling The Last