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Funny / Emperor Joker

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Funny moments found in Emperor Joker.

  • Darkseid, realizing the severity of the situation, tries to form an alliance with the Quintessence (Zeus, Highfather, Ganthet, the Phantom Stranger, and Shazam!), only to find that the Joker has turned them into babbling idiots doing a Shout-Out to the Wazzup commercial.
    Darkseid: ...Well, what say you all?
    SHAZAM: Wassup, D?
    Highfather: Wasssaap!
    Phantom Stranger: WHATZZZUP!
    Zeus: Yo, where's Desaad?
    Ganthet: Wazzzup!
    Darkseid: (deadpan) I am too late.
    • Moments later, as the Joker drags him into his mad vision, his last words complete the Shout-Out:
    Darkseid: ...I'm watching your game... drinking a suds...
  • A Pinky and the Brain reference, when Superman breaks out of jail.
  • When Superman finds out about reality being warped, he proudly declares he wasn't insane.
    Mr. Mxyzptlk: That's debatable. Didn't you turn down a thousand years of tonsil hockey with Wonder Woman? Hardly a sane move.