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Funny / Don Jon

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  • Jon and Barbara go to see a romantic movie together, and Barbara watches the film in rapt attention as Jon narrates how women love such movies.
    • Barbara's happy face shows up again when she and Jon watch another romance movie, but unlike before, we see that Jon is bored out of his mind.
  • Barbara walking in on Jon pleasuring himself to some porn on his laptop.
    Barbara: What the fuck are you doing?
    Jon: Baby!
    Barbara: What the fuck are you doing?!
    Barbara: No, you weren't! You were watching porno!
  • While Jon and his dad are watching a football game, Jon Sr. is anxious to see the replay of the game. Jon then tells his dad about TiVo. As it turns out, Jon Sr. isn't interested in getting a TiVo.
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  • Jon Sr.'s reaction to seeing Barbara for the first time.
  • Later, in church, Jon Sr. sneaks a couple of glances at Barbara while he, his family and Barbara sit in the pew together.
  • Jon Sr. watches a sexy commercial while slowly eating a piece of spaghetti.
  • Jon talking about his biggest porn pet peeve: he finds a perfect clip with a hot woman, but then the camera goes to the guy (who generally look like an unattractive sleaze), and BOOM! Instant boner killer!


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