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Funny / Dauntless (Allora Gale)

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  • In chapter 57, Lelouch's reaction to C.C. entering the room when he's in a meeting with Cornelia, Euphemia, and Abigail (his wife.) Especially considering everyone had been calling C.C. his mistress.
    "Oh dear God, not now."
    • Cornelias reaction is pretty funny too.
  • This line from Chapter 61...
    Lelouch: "Well, my Knights, I do believe I was just mugged by a five year old."
  • In chapter 64, C.C. is woken up by Marianne in Anya's body, prompting this exchange:
    Marianne: Why are you here? In Lelouch's bed? And why are you still asleep? It's already noon.
    C.C.: I was up all night making sweet sweet love to your only son. Won't you bless our relationship?
    • Heck, most of the stuff between the two is hilarious or at least what we hear from C.C especially the Noodle Incident where she woke Marianne up by singing a folk tale song in the middle of the night in her mind no less.
  • The entirety of chapter 14 is very funny with Lelouch mocking his own marriage, getting hammered before his wedding,telling his new wife to go fuck herself on their wedding night literally, and my favorite picturing himself attacking the emperor with his weapon of choice...the emperor's own necktie
  • Chapter 50 the Noodle Incident where C.C took half of the books in Lelouch's library and made a small medieval castle out of them which even Lelouch found funny until the moment she wouldn't put the books back in their place.