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  • There's apparently a changeling general with an eyepatch and a blade in place of one leg. He thought the pirate jokes would eventually get old. He was wrong.
  • Twilight's initial attempt at oneiromancy starts off well enough. Then the focus shifts and she finds herself in Cadance's dreams about Shining.
  • The pantries of the castle are sorted alphabetically, due to Twilight's inability to cook not permitting a more sensible order. This makes them near-incomprehensible to anypony that does, at least assuming Castle wasn't messing with Applejack.
  • Morpheus explaining Twilight's exact feelings towards him at that point to Rarity.
    Morpheus: This was [like] tasting a frog bathed in way too much orange-scented disinfectant. You know – the kind of curiosity that leads foals to pull the legs off ants or makes a scientist dissect a corpse.
  • One of Morpheus' best agents in Canterlot is Celestia's least-favourite pony from the Department of Taxes. Least favourite, because he was used to keep her occupied with boring accountancy. Frankly, most of the resulting conversation is hilarious, given just what has to be discussed.
  • Morpheus sets out to wake Twilight, but Castle insists he can't go within three meters of the bed. Castle being Castle, it then proceeds to alter the dimensions of the room to make the task increasingly difficult. Twilight eventually wakes naturally, to Morpheus clinging to ceiling, having so much fun trying to outwit castle that he actually forgot to wake Twilight.
  • Twilight's reaction to meeting "Star-Swirl the Bearded" (actually Third Eye).
  • Apparently, Twilight first met Third Eye while waiting to take the entrance exam for Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns. She began reading his thesis draft because she'd read everything in the waiting room.
  • Cadance's reaction to Twilight deciding that she and "Wicked Smooth"note  will pretend to be dating to get the Shippers On Deck off their backs. Poor Mo...
  • Celestia learning that Morpheus and Twilight are "dating" results in a letter where she suggests "position number eighty-seven", the implications of which Twilight considers Too Much Information.
  • After a long day of dealing with reactionary ponies (and one sane one), Twilight comes face to face with Prince Blueblood. She slams the door on his snoot and flees, insisting Morpheus deal with him.
  • Shining and Morpheus finally bonding over Volleying Insults. Ultimately, Shining wins, by laying Morpheus low with Too Much Information about his mother.
  • Morpheus' mental flailing about while waking from his Third Chrysalling.