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First film

  • At the party, Yorga's about to head off to his manor on his own. Erica however insists he let Paul and her take him back to his manor. He doesn't say anything before the scene cuts to the three of them getting into Paul's van. But you can just see the expression on his reading "Well if you insist, thanks for making going after your blood so much easier, miss". And indeed, this was right after eyeing her and stating he'd have a "snack" later after citing of "stomach pains" to excuse why he wasn't eating or drinking anything. Like he was already considering making her his new bride and this act just clinched this decision. He didn't even have to use his powers on her, this was just complete luck for him.
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  • Erica going in for a check up to Hayes after she's bitten and seeing a secretary curtsy to him. Hayes flustered, tells Erica she doesn't speak English well enough but is "very efficient". Erica just looks at him blankly.
  • Following Erica's blood transfusion after showing the first signs of vampirism. Michael asks Hayes why he had her throw up (offscreen). This was after she had fed on her pet cat during her brief stupor so...
    Hayes: Well how'd you like to wake up knowing you had parts of a cat inside your stomach?
    Michael: (Non-pulsed, raises his brandy glass) Cheers.
  • Hayes's ditzy girlfriend actually managing to make a good point about calling the police with a vampire on the loose. Though of course when he tries, they don't believe him. Later in the film he tries again with the same result.
  • Erica and the red-haired bride charging into the room to attack Micheal. Erica clearly enjoys being evil.
    • Also from the same scene, the red-haired bride running away despite the fact Erica and she should be strong enough to take Micheal. Then again, she's certainly wiser than most vampires.
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  • In the final scene, Erica and the red headed bride come after Micheal again after Yorga is staked. Micheal and Donna run past them down an opposite stairwell with the brides doubling back to catch them at the stairwell intersection. Erica is especially all gung-ho to catch the two and being the first to the meet the couple. Once Micheal breaks out the cross, she quickly backs off and cowers behind the red-haired bride as the two are forced back. Ironiclly the red head bride manages to get behind Erica, leaving her to bear the brunt of the holy symbol. Their exaggerated expressions are just priceless as, technically, this is the first time they've dealt with crosses in the movie and they just have this distressed look about them like they don't know how to deal with this.


Second film

  • At the party, one of the patron comes dressed as a vampire. Naturally when Yorga shows up, he isn't amused by the get up. Ironically when comes time to judge the costume, said man ends up winning to Yorga's chagrin.
  • Also at the party, Yorga comes across a kid playing a piano.
    Kid: You like this kinda music?
    Yorga: Only when it's played well.
  • Count Yorga watching a Spanish dub of The Vampire Lovers. He actually seems annoyed when Bruda tells him they have intruders.
  • That poor unsuspecting preacher.
  • The two cops trying to ask the vampire brides some questions and quickly regretting it when they come after them.
    O'Cornell: What are we running for?
    Madden: 'Cause were scared!
  • Balwin trying to use his cross on Brudah. Of course since he's not a vampire,it doesn't work and Brudah slaps it out of his hands. Balwin then tries...using his fingers to make a cross. Again Brudah isn't affected and throws him across the room.
  • Also in the climax, the cops are trying to find a way out of the manor and end up coming across Brudah. While meant to be scary, the scene of him bursting through the door to get at them is pretty funny.

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