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Trivia / Count Yorga

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    • The first film was meant to be more of a softcore porn movie than a straight up horror film. Robert Quarry was the one that requested it be the latter which ended up working out for the best.
    • In the first film, there was a scene meant to show one of the brides (Donna's mother even) feeding on a baby. This was cut as the filmmakers even felt that was going a little too far, especially when they caught flack from Moral Guardians for the scene of Erica feeding on her kitten much earlier. Instead this was just parred down to Hayes' girlfriend mentioning the police finding the baby's body in the woods with teeth marks on their throat. Though there are still pictures of the scene in question.
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    • There were actually plans for a third Yorga movie where he's a homeless man living on the streets of L.A and starts creating an undead army from other homeless people. It fell through for some reason.

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