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  • Complete Monster: Count Yorga is a vampire who has already turned two women into his vampire brides. After a couple drives him back to his castle, he proceeds to turn the girl, Erica, into his third vampire bride, and murders her boyfriend, Paul, when he tries to intervene. Capturing the female lead, Donna, he transforms her as well, and when the human protagonists, Hayes and Michael, arrive to try and save her, he feeds Hayes to his brides, and kills one of them to distract Michael. In the sequel, The Return of Count Yorga, he transforms numerous women into vampires and kills various people, all while planning to transform/feed on an entire orphanage, and than the whole town. Though he dies, he succeeds in dooming the town by creating an undead army and closing off all escape routes.
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  • Inferred Holocaust: Implied in the second movie, it was stated at the beginning that the bridge to the town was out, obviously done by Yorga to isolate the area so he create his own personal kingdom. Though he dies at the end of the film, all of the surviving characters are now undead and likely to spread vampirism to the neighboring orphanage and community.
  • What an Idiot!: Both the protagonists and Yorga. The former for trying to take on Yorga at night note  in his own home no less crawling with traps and his undead harem. And the latter for the ways he killed. In the first movie he was trying to choke the remaining hero but said person was holding a stake out at the time and he ended up running right into it, killing himself. In the second movie, he was warned by his live in witch (no seriously) that if he tries to go after the girl he targeting, she will kill him. He ignores this of course and at the end that's exactly what happened.

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