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  • George's snarky comments and interactions between him and Nico certainly qualifies.
  • The semi-Running Gag about George showing his items to every NPC he meets.
  • George's first encounter with Sergeant Moue:
    Moue: [pulls a gun] Freeze! Hold it right there!
    George: Whoa, don't shoot! I'm innocent! I'm an American!
    Moue: Can't make up your mind, huh?
  • George's telephone conversation with Todryk, especially when he tells about Plantard's family.
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  • If Fitzgerald's uncle is inside the bar then turn off the fuse before going back to the bar, Mr. O' Brian, Doyle and Fitzgerald's uncle will complain that there's no beer. Sadly, that scene is eliminated in Director's Cut for good reasons.
  • "Let me get this straight. Our enemies at the borders, plague ravages the land and the peasants are revolting! Thank God we got Chuckles the Jongler to throw his balls around! I don't think so!"
  • When George examines the old pews in Montfaucon church, he imagines that he's sitting with the young ladies.
  • This hilarious conversation before George and Nico discover the Sword of Baphomet:
    Nico: Listen, I can definitely hear chanting.
    George: You're right. I hear them too. What do you suppose they're doing?
    Nico: It wouldn't surprise me if they were holding some kind of satanic sex ritual.
    George: So what are we waiting for?
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  • In Ireland, George can leave the faucet on in the basement of the pub... and when he is explaining his adventures to Nico, he mentions having to help bail out the basement because "Some idiot left the faucet on".

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