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Funny / Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

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  • In one level, the brothers must get a sleeping man to lower a bridge. The younger brother wakes him up by throwing a bucket of water in his face.
  • To deal with a bully antagonizing the brothers early in the game, the younger brother releases a tiny dog that chases the bully into a corner. The brothers can even laugh at his cowardice.
  • In the beginning level the brothers can attempt communication with an old man. Older brother is ignored and younger brother will slap the old man's rear. The old man gives a high-pitched yelp of surprise. After that he irritably waves them away.
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  • There is a cat in the village. The young brother can cuddle and pet the cat and the older brother gets slapped by the cat's paws.
  • Outside the village the younger brother can rock an old lady in her chair, making her laugh.
  • Sitting on the various benches across the land usually only gives you a cinematographic pan shot of the level's vista, but in the frozen city, sitting on the bench overlooking the river triggers a cutscene where the brothers imitate whale calls and get three orcas to jump out the water simultaneously, to their mutual glee.
  • At one point you have to shoot a dead giant in the head with a giant crossbow. This causes the younger brother to say something in an enthusiastic tone, and the older brother to reply in a grumpy tone. It's easy to imagine that the exchange was some variation of:
    Younger brother: That was so cool!
    Older brother: Oh, grow up!

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