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The Shadow of the Templars & Director's Cut

  • This trailer.
  • The fact that George decides to investigate the mystery all by himself after his near-death experiences - whether the cafe explosion, kidnapping or being chased by henchmen.
  • In the first game, When George's head is hit by a wooden salmon and loses conciousness, Nico shows up from the rooftop and manages to kick Flap and Guido to get the tripod. Even George is impressed after that.
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  • Despite being heartbroken, Lady Piermont decides to help by forcing the hotel clerk to give Khan's parchment to George.

The Smoking Mirror & Remastered

  • How about in the second game where Nico saves George at the pyramid before he becomes Tezcatlipoca's sacrifice?

The Sleeping Dragon

  • Harry managed to steal the soldier's jeepney and saves George from being shot by Susarro's soldiers.
    • He does it again but this time he helps George and Nico to go to Glastonbury despite heavy storms.
  • In the third game, after George receives the Psi stone the Preceptor says he'll send his best knight. The Preceptor calls one of the Templars to bring a long wooden case. George realizes that the Preceptor holds the sword and tells him to kneel. For a man who experiences a lot of adventures, George finally deserves being a knight.
  • Nico's response when she and George encounter Petra near the end of the third game.
    Nico: "George, you'll deal with the Grand Master. I'll deal with this bitch!"
  • Near the end of the third game, George pulls the Excalibur with determined expression and raised it above to go back at the hill and defeat the dragon.
    • What's more awesome and amusing is that George shares the same name and title of a legendary knight who slayed the dragon.
    • Hell, the game's hidden script reveals who is dedicated to this battle. It also counts as a heartwarming moment.
      George: "This is for Nico!"

The Angel of Death

  • Brother Mark, Archie and Spallaci's Big Damn Heroes moment in the fourth game.

The Serpent's Curse

  • Shears made up his mind by shooting Medovsky without a scratch.
  • Near the end of the fifth game, Langham asks George what is the reason why he wants to stop summoning Lucifer. George delivers this line while he's in the void:
    George: "Free Will! That's what we bring. Humanity brings free will. The final piece of trinity"



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