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  • The scene where a scared-shitless Jiff has to run across a busy highway. (And he's even forced to do a second take!)
  • Kit's paranoid ranting at his agent, culminating in this:
    Kit: (loading a gun) It's all my imagination, huh? It's all my imagination? So I suppose they didn't put a computer chip in LaToya Jackson's brain – she just acts like that, huh?!
    Hal: What?
    Kit: And I suppose Teddy Kennedy ain't one-sixteenth black, huh?!
    Hal: Teddy Kennedy?!
  • Bowfinger and Afrim go to hire a film crew. They enter the van, and Bowfinger remarks:
    Bowfinger: Afrim, we're going to need a crew, and I want to get the best damn crew we can afford.
    • Smash Cut to the van at the Mexican border.
    Bowfinger: ANDALE, MUCHACHOS!
  • Jiff's Adorkable reaction to Daisy's nude scene ("Awesome!").
  • While shooting the "aliens arrive from Wyoming" scene:
    Slater (playing Todd): Don't act dumb! Where's the plutonium?
    Kit: Hey, listen, that plutonium is mine and it's been registered for use for religious purposes!
    Slater: ...You– You actually have some plutonium?
    Bowfinger (behind the camera): He's got plutonium?
  • Bowfinger finds out Daisy had sex with Jiff in the van. This entire exchange takes about eight seconds:
    Bowfinger: We are finished. We are over.
    Daisy: How come?
    Bowfinger: You had sex with Jiff.
    Daisy: So?
    Bowfinger: (beat) I never thought of it that way.
    Daisy: I'll see you tonight?
    Bowfinger: What time?
    Daisy: Eight?
    Bowfinger: Okay. (they leave)
  • "Did you know Tom Cruise had no idea he was in that vampire movie till two years later?"
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  • How about when they follow Kit through a carpark with Bowfinger's dog dressed in high heels?
  • The Curse Cut Short near the end where Bowfinger almost calls Mind Head "Mind Fuck".
  • The final scene, following Bowfinger opening the Fedex mail and learning he has been hired to do movies in Taiwan... "Fake Purse Ninjas"!
  • Carol finally sees her chance to meet Kit, approaching him in a clothing store, and manages to say the exact wrong thing to trigger his paranoia:
    Carol: I know I'm not supposed to be doing this, but I just want you to know you were so real, in your response to the aliens. I mean, I wasn't even sure that I could be a pod person, but now of course I'm enjoying it! Because you made the aliens come alive! It's like they were living inside of me! Oh, and at first I was nervous about us having sex, but now I think it's a good idea. As long as we do it in a completely professional manner, and of course, well, there will be a lot of people watching. (lightly touches Kit's face) I won't bother you anymore.
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  • Carol again, when she unexpectedly runs into Kit during the shooting of the "aliens arriving from Wyoming" scene.
    Carol: Oh, hiii, I came down because I wanted to see them shoot you today!
    Kit: Shoot me today?!


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