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  • A running gag in "Red Wind" is pretty amusing: Geraldo Rivera's character calling Mitch "Mr. Ripple Pecs". Besides the line itself, part of what makes it funny is that it's Geraldo saying it.
  • In "Someone to Baywatch Over You", there's a scene where Matt is pushed off his boat by a St. Bernard. It's not meant to be funny conceptually, but the abrupt way it's staged and edited make it ridiculous. Plus, just the fact that a St. Bernard did it is silly. That's right: Beethoven is a murderer.
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  • Due to Actor Allusion, one can't help but laugh when Mitch asks the baby he's babysitting in "Sweet Dreams" if he wants to watch Knight Rider.
  • Newmie in general has some good dry lines. In "Hot Water", when C.J., Cody, and Newmie come across a nude beach that they have to shut down, Newmie asks if they're going to approach the nudists "naked or dressed".
    • In "Next Generation": Mitch turned down the captain job because he wanted to regain the feeling he had during his rookie summer. In response, Newmie replied that he wanted to regain the hair on his head, but it's not gonna happen. Funny because of the delivery.
  • The four-person poker game in "Full Throttle" (one of those people being a baby, who is winning).
  • "Friends Forever": An escaped orangutan sneaks into a tower and puts on a lifeguard's trunks. What follows is a brief montage where the orangutan pretends to be a lifeguard while a rock version of "I'm Always Here" plays. It's as ridiculous as it sounds.

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