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  • Any time Riley pinches Danny. It's amusing seeing tiny Riley take down a huge hockey player like Danny.
  • All of Bonnie and Tucker's antics in "Married to the Job".
  • Riley getting distracted by Danny's physique during deep breathing exercises.
    "Wow. Do you grate cheese on this thing?"
  • "Your brother is 6’5 and he grew up eating dirt."
  • The return of Fu "Mom"chu.
  • Taking the Wheeler Family Christmas Photo. Special mention goes to Tucker as an elf, Riley as a gingerbread man, and Danny as a tree.
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  • In Life's A Beach, Danny tries to get a vote from an elderly woman who likes to take care of her tea sets. He breaks a few ones by accident and still gets her vote, then he ends up destroying half of her sets by accident, but she still will give him the vote as long as he stays away from her. As thanks, he gives her a big hug. This kills her off.

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