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Awesome / Baby Daddy

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  • Danny's speech in "May the Best Friend Win". Not only did he knock some sense into Ben, but he finally got over his stage fright and got the attention of every single reporter in the locker room without even realizing it.
  • Bonnie going full on Action Mom on Gene, followed by Riley putting him in his place by shoving him into the wedding cake in "Something Borrowed, Something Ben".
  • Danny's speech to Amy when he thinks she might be pregnant.
  • Two back-to-back Badass Boasts in "Bonnie's Unreal Estate:"
    • Bonnie telling her boss that if she fires her, Bonnie will take her boyfriend (the top realtor at the company) with her as she goes.
    • Riley, standing up to Piper, the wild child Preacher's daughter she was babysitting while her father was in court, saying that if she didn't report back to Riley's bosses that Riley did an amazing job, she would tell her father all the wild things she'd done over the weekend.
  • Riley's awesome prank in the Halloween episode, a year in the making that got Ben, Danny, Bonnie, and Tucker good.
  • Riley managing a runaway horse and carriage while Ben helps his date give birth in the carriage.
  • While Bonnie was locked from the inside at her sons' apartment, she breaks down that bathroom door by the hinges when she found out Emma needs to be rushed to an emergency room.