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Heartwarming / Baby Daddy

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  • After Ben can't find Emma at first and has a meltdown, he and his mother, Bonnie, are both in tears, and she informs him that he is now a parent.
  • Emma wearing Danny's lucky jersey and becoming his new good luck charm.
  • In episode 6, no one is having any luck getting Emma to eat, and most end up with a face full of green goo for their troubles. Until Ben tries, and Emma eats with no problem. Riley said it best, "Mystery solved; she's a daddy's girl."
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  • Riley helping Danny get over his stage fright.
  • Danny, after being upset over Bonnie dating his coach, stands up for her after his coach says that she's not his type.
  • Ben's speech to Kayla about why he can't give up Lamby to her, and Riley's subsequent look of approval.
  • Danny rushing to be Riley's date when he learns that Ben can't make it.
    Danny to Riley: I couldn't just leave you here alone.
  • Ben going the extra mile to be a good friend to Riley when she fails the bar for the third time, going so far as to make her an "exam kit," complete with "you're awesome" index cards.
  • Danny giving Ben a What the Hell, Hero? beat down/speech in both the past and present for tormenting Riley on her birthday.
  • When Riley missed Halloween as a girl, Danny arranged (six months later), to trick or treat with her while dressed up as Super Danny and Riley Girl. And they still do it, though Riley says it's evolved from Trick-or-Treating into a crazy drunken pub crawl.
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  • Brad's flash mob proposal to Bonnie in season 4. She says yes.
  • The group's - especially Danny's reaction to learning Riley's pregnant in the fifth season finale.
  • The entirety of Ben's subplot for the final season, in which after having three chance encounters on the same day with a beautiful young woman becomes infatued and convinced that she is his soul mate and spends the entire season looking for her. Meanwhile over time Elle, the young woman, is revealed to have become enamoured with him in return and is searching for Ben too. After several near misses the two finally find each other, when Elle is revealed to be the pediatric intern who delivers Riley and Danny's baby.