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Funny / Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

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  • When Rorona's parents discover Hom for the first time, they each assume the other had cheated on them, and engage in a Lover Tug-of-War to decide who gets to keep Rorona. Hom is worried, but Astrid assures Hom that Rorona won't get hurt...too much.
  • Rorona gets grossed out when she reads a book about how homunculi are made.
  • Rorona's love for creating weird pies results in many hilarious situations.
  • At the beginning of the fourth assignment, Cordelia asks why Astrid took Rorona in as an apprentice:
    Astrid: Because she's cute.
    Cordelia: I wanted a serious answer!
    Astrid: I was being serious. That was 60% of the reason why I hired her.
    Cordelia: Oh? Then what's the other 40%?
    Astrid: Because she's dumb.
    • Meanwhile, Rorona stands in front of her cauldron innocently doing her alchemy work, and says to herself:
      "I keep hearing the word 'dumb'. I wonder what they're talking about?"
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  • You won't realize just how hilariously deadpan Rorona can be until you put her together with Astrid. Even better in the Japanese version.
  • Present day Rorona meets Totori and Meruru from the Atelier Meruru timeline for the first time, with the former of whom being a little more than enthused to see her again. Rorona's confused reaction to what's going on was priceless.

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