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Funny / Agatha Christie

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Novels with their own pages

  • In the Tommy and Tuppence short story series Partners In Crime the works parody famous detective works of the same period.
    • In the 1983 adaption of Partners In Crime there was a running gag in the first episode, that they can solve crimes within 24 Hours, Tommy is forced to travel in the rain to try and find a missing lady, it turns out that Tuppence knows the woman and planned it out in order to see if the man that loves her is willing to find her if she vanished.
  • In the TV version of The Case of The Middle Aged Wife, Parker Pyne, helps the said lady with her neglectful husband to the point, she stops having breakfast with him to prepare for a night out and so he puts on the radio where it play "Nobody's Sweetheart", which gets his goat.