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Moral Event Horizon / Agatha Christie

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While most of Agatha Christie's stories feature murders, some stand out as especially heinous, plunging their perpetrators utterly beyond redemption. These include child murders, certain particularly cold-blooded murders that prey on the victim's innocence, and any murders falling under the Serial Killings, Specific Target and Trial Run Crime tropes.note 


  • The ABC Murders: The killing of people with alliterative names simply to disguise the identity of the intended target, whose name is alliterative, while making an innocent man think himself the Ax-Crazy perpetrator and trying to get him hanged for the killings.
  • And Then There Were None: Has its own page.
  • The Body in the Library: The murder of the Girl Guide to establish an alibi for the first murder.
  • Curtain: The villain is on the other side of this before the novel begins, having psychologically manipulated numerous unhappy, desperate people into committing murders they wouldn't otherwise have done, simply for his own pleasure.
  • Death Comes as the End: While the serial killer has a strong Freudian Excuse and initially targets Asshole Victims, he has definitely crossed this line by the time he has commanded his obedient, devoted slave boy to kill himself, after using him as a cat's paw.
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  • Destination Unknown: Thomas Betterton leapt over this by romancing, marrying and then murdering Elsa, all just so he could steal the credit for her brilliant scientific work.
  • Evil Under the Sun:
    • Patrick serially romancing, defrauding and murdering young, naive women for their money.
    • Christine inducing young Linda to attempt suicide as a scapegoat.
  • Hallowe'en Party: Michael Garfield grooming Miranda, his own innocent biological daughter, to be "sacrificed" and then attempting to carry it out on an altar, just because she could be a danger to his narcissistic desire to build a garden on a Greek island.
  • Hickory Dickory Dock: The utter lack of remorse with which Nigel poisoned his kind mother and then bludgeoned his sort-of-girlfriend to death because of her writing a letter to his father hoping that they would reconcile.
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  • Murder on the Orient Express: An exaggerated case. The kidnapping and murder of the baby Daisy Armstrong - even after the family had paid the ransom - puts the villain squarely in monster territory.
  • A Pocket Full Of Rye: The use of Gladys as a cat's paw and then her murder when she had outlived her usefulness.
  • Sleeping Murder: James Kennedy ruining Helen's entire life from start to finish through social isolation and malicious slander, before murdering her and gaslighting her husband Kelvin into believing he went insane and killed his own wife.
  • Three Act Tragedy: The murder of Stephen Babbington as a casual dress rehearsal for the main murder.
  • Towards Zero: The killer murders his own mother figure just for the opportunity to frame his ex-wife and have her hanged.