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  • Something that is present in almost all adaptations
    Vera: Was it heart failure?
    Dr Armstrong: Well her heart certainly failed to beat.
  • There's something kind of darkly hilarious about everyone denying the accusations against them when they first arrive on the island, then, when the turn order finally makes its way over to Lombard, his reaction is more or less along the lines of a gleeful 'yup, I did it. Sue me.'
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  • Blore's death in the 1945 film.
    "I get it!"
  • Also in the film, the pileup of men spying on each other, which eventually circles around to an embarrassed Dr. Armstrong realizing three people are standing behind him as he peeps through a keyhole.
  • The game half makes up for its poor graphics by having a pretty good script.
    • This exchange:
    Miss Brent: I'd suggest prayer.
    Judge Wargrave: I'm not adverse to prayer, Miss Brent. But I would supplement it with a locked door.
    • Upon discovery of Rogers' body:
    Blore: He's dead.
    Patrick: Yes. We don't need Dr Armstrong to tell us that.
    • Even Miss Brent gets on the game:
    This island has two types of weather: gloomy and slightly less gloomy. I'm taking advantage of this brief 'slightly less' respite.
    • Lombard accusing Patrick after the General's murder:
    Patrick: Yes. He seemed to know he was going to die.
    Lombard: Could that have been because you were swinging a rock at his head??
    • No one believing that Dr Armstrong is a teetotaler:
    Patrick: Dr Armstrong, if it will relieve your mind as all, I don't think there's anyone alive on this island who truly believes that you are a teetotaler.
    Dr Armstrong: Somehow that doesn't relieve my mind one bit
    Patrick: You protest too much... then eye the drinks table as if it were mana from Heaven... you sneak off to your room to "freshen up" every chance you get.

    Dr Armstrong: We're all a bit late this morning! I slept the clock round.
    Judge Wargrave: A sign of a clear conscience, doctor? Or just a nightcap or two?

    Miss Brent: Doctor, I will thank you to keep your opinions to yourself. Coming from the bottom of a bottle as they do, they are worse than useless.

    Dr Armstrong: You had no right to speak to me that way at breakfast!
    Miss Brent: Didn't I? It's still morning and you're drunk already.
    • Patrick walking in on Lombard and Vera enjoying a movie together
    • When Patrick is asking everyone who they suspect is Mr Owen, they all give rather brutally honest summaries of each other.
    Lombard: (on Judge Wargrave) The whole thing just smacks criminal justice gone wrong. From what Vera tells me, he let that Seton chap swing just for the jollies.

    Rogers: (on Miss Claythorne): And she's the least likely suspect with drunken doctors, wily judges, religious zealots, cowardly hunters and you... whatever you are... running about.

    Wargrave: Blore is all bluster. I'm past my prime. Armstrong is easily manipulated. Miss Brent's Bible provides all her answers. Miss Claythorne is like a deer caught in onrushing headlights. Which is why I suppose you and Mr Lombard find her so attractive.
    • When Patrick and Lombard both go to see Vera in the night, after being leaving her room, Lombard decides to confront his romantic rival.
    Lombard: You may get the killer. But I intend to get the girl

  • Early in the play, Rogers realizes the disguised Blore is a fake.
    Rogers: (to his wife) Davis gives out he's a millionaire or something. You should see his underwear! Cheap as they make 'em.


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