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Funny / After the Thin Man

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  • This exchange:
    Nick Charles: You see, when it comes to words like that, an illiterate person...
    Polly Byrnes: Whaddaya mean "illiterate"!? My father and mother were married right here in the city hall!
  • When Nick finds yet-another-body:
    Nick: What is this, bank night?
  • Quack Doctor Kammer's stunned comment after the murderer is dragged away raving: "My god. I was right. He really was crazy."
  • The "walk this way" gag:
    Nick: Well, I'll try. (imitates the shambling old butler).
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  • Nora is found in an embarrassing situation and tossed in the drunk tank with a bunch of other women until Nick comes to pick her up.
    Police Secretary: Is this the one who was doing the fan dance?
    Nick: If she is, she's been holding out on me.