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Funny / The Thin Man

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  • Nora's expression as she watches Nick shoot balloons with the air rifle he got for Christmas.
  • In the novel:
    Nick: All right, talk, but do you mind putting the gun away? My wife doesn't care, but I'm pregnant and I don't want the child to be born with-
    • The movie's version is pretty funny too: "My wife doesn't mind, but I'm a very timid fellow."
  • At the climactic dinner party in the original film:
    Nora: Waiter, will you please serve the nuts? (beat) I mean, will you please serve the guests the nuts?
    • During the same scene:
    Nick: Oh, Morelli, would you mind holding your knife some other way?
    Morelli: [looks down at the knife he's gripping in an extremely aggressive manner and drops it]
    Nora: [to Nick] If that knife's missing later, I'll look for it in your back.
  • This entire video is devoted to them.
  • At one point, Nick and Lt. Guild are about to go interview a suspect. Nora insist that she's going with them and pushes her way into a cab. Nick closes the door after her, slips the driver some money, and orders him to take her to Grant's Tomb.
    • Later on he asks how she liked the tomb. She says she's having a duplicate made for him.


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