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  • From Chapter 1: "We got hit by garbage trucks"
  • Where do we start? Perhaps with this scene from Chapter 2:
    A soft knock on the door interrupted the content atmosphere they had suddenly found themselves in.
    "Um," Madoka's subdued voice hesitantly spoke. "If you two aren't doing anything naughty, the food is ready."
    While Sayaka's jaw dropped at the insinuation, Kyoko heard the words 'food' and immediately stood up in the tub.
    "FOOD!" she exclaimed, jumping from the tub. "Whoa, head rush!" She slipped and slid on the tile floor briefly as she tried to reach the door, dripping water everywhere.
    "Hey, you're getting water all over the floor!" Sayaka shouted, grabbing a towel for herself and wrapping it around her waist.
    Meanwhile, Kyoko reached the door! And opened it! And charged for the kitchen in all her naked glory! "FOOOOD!"
    "AH! Kyoko-chan, you're naked!" Madoka observed, sounding a bit traumatized.
    "So? I'm starving! What's this?"
    "Kyoko-chan, be careful! The stove is still hot!"
    "Oh my God, Kyoko-chan is on fire! What should I do?"
    Sayaka sighed very deeply through her nose, trying to calm her raging stress. "This is okay." she said to herself. "I'm okay with this. I brought it on myself, after all."
    "Oh no! I tried to put Kyoko-chan out with the table cloth, but now the table cloth is on fire!"
    "D-don't yell at me, I-I can't handle pressure!"
    Sayaka listened to all this with a reluctant look on her face. "The apartment is going to burn down, isn't it?"
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  • And then in the next chapter, both girls are naked, and then Madoka walks in, having forgotten her phone.
    Her hand closed around her phone and she exhaled in relief, whirled around and tried to sprint for the door. However she missed by a foot and ran into the wall instead. "I'm okay! I was never here!" she cried in a muffled voice.
  • From Chapter 7:
    Sayaka, too caught up in Kyoko's contagious energy, took the offered candy apple. After Kyoko started digging into her own was when it occurred to her that this was suspicious.
    "Kyoko, how did you get these candy apples?"
    "I bought them." Kyoko said through a mouthful of the sweet treat.
    "Oh," Sayaka smiled with relief. "That's all right then." She brought the candied apple to her lips.
    "With your money."
  • Chapter 11: Homura asks Kyoko's advice on winning Sayaka's trust. Based on her previous experience, Kyoko recommends letting Sayaka see her naked. Homura actually tries this.

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