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Heartwarming / A Happy Dream

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  • Two moments, both in Chapter 10. Firstly, Kyoko finally admits to herself that she's fallen in love with Sayaka. She feels sure Sayaka will reject her, and even contemplates leaving the city. Instead, she gets up early and makes pancakes for her.
  • The other one comes after Sayaka confesses to Kyosuke, who in this fic has been a couple with Hitomi from the outset. Immediately, their classmates start to gossip about her (out loud so that she can hear), calling her a "bitch" for making moves on her friend's boyfriend. Hitomi stops the gossipers in their tracks by sitting down with Sayaka, telling her to get her lunch out, and complimenting her on her bravery.
    • Then afterwards, Sayaka is alone at softball practice and left to bat balls by herself. Kyosuke comes by to have a talk with her. When she asks him if he's supposed to be at violin practice, he says that's not as important as talking to her after her confession to him and working things out.

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