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YMMV / A Happy Dream

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  • Author Appeal: The author sure likes getting Kyoko and Sayaka naked... together... a LOT. Sometimes even in a tub.
  • Fridge Logic: If magical girls don't exist in this universe, then shouldn't Kyoko be the Wide-Eyed Idealist she was before her family died as a result of her wish and shouldn't Homura be the dorky Shrinking Violet with braids she was before going through so many time loops and frosting up as a result?
    • Not if something traumatic still happened to them in the AU timeline. Kyoko implies she still did something wrong in chapter 9, and around Madoka, Homura is still incredibly shy
  • Les Yay: Pretty much one of the story's driving forces, to the point where even Kyoko is noticing. Lets see, we have:
    • Kyoko and Sayaka's frequent baths together, the first of which Kyoko accidentally activates the tub's Romantic Evening setting and decides that she likes it.
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    • Their first evening together turns into a naked wrestling match. Granted, Sayaka was legitimately pissed off at the time, but...
    • The two share an ultimate lover's bannana sundae at one point, which ends up making Kyoko blush like crazy.
    • And then there's Madoka and Homura. Which isn't surprising, but they're more of a Beta Couple (not yet, at least).
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: The fic does this for Kyosuke and Hitomi, who are hated by a lot of fans of the source material, but are much more well-liked here for their more fleshed-out characterizations.

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