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Funny / The Happiest Place

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  • The Tiki Birds’ bickering and the over-dramatic production they put on to mess with the princesses.
  • The appearance of the hanging flamingo when the Cheshire Cat says that there’s always his way, followed by “Whoops. Wrong ride.”
  • Ariel flopping up onto the deck of The Jolly Roger, tail returned, grumbling about how much she hates being a mermaid.
  • Jack and Cinderella’s stunned silence after the latter abruptly smashes an unnamed pirate over the head with a bottle.
    Jack: [beat] Run.
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  • The Splash Mountain gator’s deadpan response to a bad joke by Brer Rabbit, followed by Brer Rabbit yelling at him to take it back.
  • No one ever understands a word that Donald says.
  • Princesses. Why’d it have to be ''princesses''…?
  • Tigger accidentally dumping a ton of water on Rabbit’s head and the latter snatching the umbrella from him.
  • Ariel punches a pteranodon in the face.
  • When letting Cinderella into Toontown, Goofy pulls out a massive key ring and fumbles through it while looking for the right one. Cinderella is dismayed to see a piano key among them.

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