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Funny / A Christmas Carol (1984)

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"I'm as merry as a schoolboy!"

  • When the charity solicitors first approach Scrooge, this exchange occurs.
    Poole: Mr. Scrooge, I presume?
    Scrooge: Indeed you do, sir.
    Hacking: You don't know us.
    Scrooge: Nor do I wish to.
    • Scrooge is initially receptive to what they say until the word "provisions" is said, upon which his demeanor instantly drops.
  • There's a darkly comic moment when Scrooge encounters Tiny Tim waiting for his father (who Scrooge just instructed not to leave a minute before their usual late closing time) outside his office:
    Tiny Tim: Merry Christmas, Mr. Scrooge.
    Scrooge: Don't beg on this street corner, boy.
    Tiny Tim: I'm not begging, sir. I'm Tim. Tim Cratchit. I'm waiting for my father.
    Scrooge: Humph. Tim Cratchit, huh? Well, then you'll have a long wait, won't you?
    Tiny Tim: Thank you, sir.
    Scrooge: Humbug.
  • Scrooge is resistant to the Ghost of Christmas Past until she mentions it's for his reclamation, at which point he gets up and tells her to get on with it.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present waits until Scrooge tries to go back to sleep before appearing.
  • Mrs. Cratchit tells her children to butter the bread—thinly.
  • This exchange when the party guests insult Scrooge in the present.
    Scrooge: I don't squander [my money], if that's what you mean by comfortable!
    Christmas Present: You mustn't argue with those we visit. It's useless! And even tactless.
    Scrooge: Tact is a quality I despise.
    Christmas Present: That I can see.
    • Then shortly after, a guest gets stuck on a simile game.
    Fred: Quick as?
    Guest: ...Wind?
    Guests: No! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!
    Scrooge: A wink you idiot!
    Christmas Present: Shhh, Ebenezer!
    Scrooge: You said they can neither see nor hear us!
    Christmas Present: That's quite true. *laughs* Oh, yes, I'm sorry. Even I forget the regulations.
    • And right after, one answer is "Tight as your Uncle Scrooge's purse strings."
  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come "speaks" like a rusty iron gate. Scrooge comments "You're devilish hard to have a conversation with."
  • Old Joe's response to Mrs. Dilber's assertion that he's "hardened" in Christmas Yet to Come: "I'm always kind to the ladies. That's the way I ruined meself."
  • Back in his chambers, Scrooge's uproarious jubilation at his chance of redemption, as well as touching and uplifting, is this.
  • When Scrooge recruits the boy to buy the turkey on Christmas Day, the poulterer warns him it better not be a prank.
  • Bob Cratchit is utterly frantic when he comes into work late, with the soundtrack emphasizing this as he attempts to sneak in. Scrooge pretends to chew him out, only to tell him "I'm going to ...double your salary!"
  • Once you see this, you might never be afraid of The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come ever again.