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Funny / A Christmas Carol (1999)

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  • Jacob Marley's jaw unhinging is initially frightening, as is the part where he struggles to speak without being able to close his mouth, but it becomes funny with Scrooge's nonchalant reaction and having to help him fix his jaw.
  • Mr. Fezziwig's extremely token resistance to being asked to sing. And the song itself, which is a lover's lament that marrying Rose would mean marrying her uncle and her brother and her sister and her mother and her aunties in dozens and fat-headed cousins...
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  • When Scrooge arrives at the church, an usher motions for him to remove his hat, but Scrooge misunderstands the gesture and tips it instead, leading to an awkward few seconds of them gesturing back and forth until Scrooge understands.
  • Bob Cratchit is so freaked out at Scrooge's Heel–Face Turn he grabs the fire poker to defend himself.