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Three thoughts on Sea Monsters:

  • Where would modern seas end up? (I imagine with Killer Whales, White Sharks, and possibly other large whales, it would fit at 4 or 3, maybe even 2, if such a show were to be made somehow.)
  • Would Killer Whales as dangerous predators show up all that well to future fossil searchers? (Since a lot of the success is due to behavior, which might only show as a large brain.)
    • With luck, beached killer whales could leave fossilized stomach contents, and with even more luck, those contents could be of other top sea predators (sea lions, sea elephants, great white sharks) and whales.
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  • How much behavior is missing from other creatures that have been found, and how much of a lack might that mean in the understanding of past creatures? (Obviously, paleontologists have to guess a lot, and for this show, the makers guessed a lot, some of it quite exaggerated, but this questions does have me wondering if some guesses are wildly off, or whether big differences in behavior might be playing into how things actually worked out in prehistoric times, that might completely change how understanding of past creatures works.)

  • Why is there so much Misplaced Wildlife in "New Blood"? Because it takes place in the Triassic, which was when all the continents were merged into one giant continent!
  • "Death of a Dynasty" ends with the famed asteroid, of course. However, it is funny to rewatch years later and notice how many references they made to older theories about the extinction of the dinosaurs, some of which were just bizarre. There is increased vulcanism, glacialism (showcased by the snowy peaks), aridity, flora and insect change as a result of flowers evolving, mammals diversifying and predating on dinosaur eggs, and increased infighting and infanticide of the dinosaurs. It's like the show was telling us: "yes, dinosaurs may be having a bad time, but they would have pulled through all if it wasn't for the damned space rock."
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  • In the first scene, the male Tyrannosaurus is saved from the deadly fumes because of its large size. At the end, the same beast (and its kind) is killed because it is too large to survive the meteor strike effects.
  • The Didelphodon in the sixth episode are as everywhere and as obnoxious as the Coelophysis in the first one, subtly telegraphing that dinosaurs are being replaced in the same way they replaced mammal-like reptiles 160 million years before... and by those reptiles descendants, no less.


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