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Fridge / Tales from the Darkside

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Fridge Brilliance

  • In "Trick or Treat", you notice that the monsters that confront Mr. Hackles are the exact same order as the children who trick-or-treated him. First one was a witch, just like Bessie. The second was a pirate, just like one of the twin trick-or-treaters. The final was a devil, just like Timothy's costume.
  • In "The Last Car", all of the passengers are dead, and stuck in the limbo that is the car. Each, however, seems to have an ability to alter one aspect of this reality at any time: the child can change his toys and outfit, the old woman's crochet project changes at her whim, and the old man can pull any food out of his lunch sack.
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  • In "Word Processor of the Gods", Richard's Imagine Spot reflects his worry that his wife would be distraught that he "deleted" Seth. But in reality, not only does she not remember their son, it's apparent she never wanted kids in the first place. Richard possibly projected that his selfish wife wanted children like he did, and it was the only thing he thought he liked about her. But once it was obvious they didn't even share that in common, Richard finds it easier to change his reality even further.
  • "New Lease on Life" has one of the maintenance men accidentally drop the protagonist's microwave. However, not only does one learn it wasn't an accident, but it becomes brilliant when one realizes the apartment is a living creature that feeds on its tenants leftovers. Of course he would "accidentally" drop it: a microwave would only serve to foster the tenant's habit of heating food only for themselves.

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