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Fridge Brilliance

  • Wow, that accounting person was still there in the evening - she sure has a long shift! Ah, hospital workers tend to get stuck with 12 hours shifts, especially back in the 90's.
  • In the first movie there's a closeup of Sil in John Carey's garden where she blinks and we see that she has nictitating membranes in addition to "normal" eyelids. You thought that was just there because it looks cool and alien. Nictitating membranes are a feature possessed only by semi-aquatic tetrapods, so her having them is a subtle indication that she can function underwater for prolonged periods, foreshadowing the scene at the film's climax where she hides underwater to elude the heroes.
    • Some desert animals have them too, but the foreshadowing still stands.
    • What makes this still stand is Sils' nightmares, the ones she has about mating with another creature like herself, they are clearly shot underwater, so maybe the aliens themselves are aquatic or amphibious.

Fridge Logic

  • Sil's pickiness about her mates' genetics (n.b. her rejection of the diabetic guy) makes no biological sense with regard to her rapid gestation rate. Most female animals that mate selectively do so because taking an inferior mate wastes a considerable portion of their reproductive lifespan, carrying and nurturing an inferior genetic offspring. This is time they could better spend carrying a superior child, if they choose their mates well. But in Sil's case, this makes no sense, because she completes her pregnancies so quickly. Her babies are born and able to hunt their own food within minutes of conception. But after rejecting the diabetic, it took Sil almost 24 hours to court and seduce her next mate. If she'd had sex with the diabetic, then by the time she slept with the hot tub guy, she would've already have had her first child. Maybe the child would've been dead from its sub-standard genetics, or maybe it would've been carrying and propagating an imperfect version of Sil's DNA. Either way, Sil is no worse off in terms of her procreative drive; and 24 hours later, she's still seducing her next target, getting ready to make baby number 2.

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