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Fridge Brilliance

  • With the exception of some of the more egregious errors (most of them from the second season) the Artistic License – Physics trope only really applies if you take the events of the series at face value - much like 2001: A Space Odyssey, these events were often open to interpretation, especially in the first season. Notably, several alternate theories have been proposed regarding the nature of the accident that rips the moon out of Earth orbit, such as this.
Fridge Horror
  • With every death of any of the irreplaceable 311 people on Moonbase Alpha, even Red Shirt characters, and to a lesser extent the loss of equipment, the bleaker the isolated crew's chances of survival become through the series even as they helplessly drift out of control through space.
    • They lose an Eagle spacecraft pretty much once per episode. Did they inexplicably start with a stock of 100, or do they have a robotic Eagle construction factory?
  • Gets even worse when you think of episodes like "The Exiles", where a key plot element involves the fact that the Alpha life support system cannot support the 300 or so people on the base by that time. As a result, they are not only unable to take in the Galosian exile criminals, but they are also unable to permit any more births on the base.
  • Supposing Balor is merely incapacitated by vacuum when he is blown out onto the Lunar surface at the end of End of Eternity, what happens when the Moon later gets an atmosphere in The Last Sunset?

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