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Fridge / Romancing SaGa 3

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Fridge Logic:

  • Why would anyone choose to conceive in the year leading up to the Rise of Morastrum? Even in the case of unexpected pregnancies, surely a good number of people would choose to terminate rather than rolling the dice on losing the child anyways.
    • There were most likely people who did not believe that the Rise of Morastrum would actually happen and so continued their lives as normal. Either that, or they simply did not know about the whole Rise of Morastrum concept.
    • Seems that only a total of three of the Rises had occured, and 300 years pass between each of them. Very likely, people thought the Rise of Morastrum was a one-time event after it first happened. The second time, it's possible that people had simply forgotten in the span of those three centuries, before the third one occured.

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